Monday, 21 November 2016

Must Know About Germany…!! Part 2

 Must Know About Germany…!! Part 1
Any drink you buy here be it water, soft drink or liquor, you are charged a recycle amount included in it. You can easily recycle the bottles in any store and each plastic bottle gives you 0.25 euro and glass bottle 0.08 euro which you can use in our next purchase. So, always keep the bottles after use and recycle them.
The emergency number in Germany is 112. For any kind of emergency or casualty, you need to call 112 and within 5 minutes a van with doctors will arrive at the spot with all the necessary aids. If you are insured under any health insurance, you need not pay a single penny for your treatment. 112 is the number for fire and medical emergency and 110 is for police.
Most Germans are non vegetarian but there are many who are vegetarian and vegan. Admitting the fact that most of the cuisines and foods are non-vegetarian, you still get lot of vegetarian food. The word for vegetarian in Germany is “Vegatarisch”. Apart from that, you do have Indian restaurants in almost every city in Germany but again you need to shed some extra bucks for Indian cuisines but again, it’s worth it!
Most Germans drink carbonated water which is regular water for them; you need to specify them as tap water of still water to get normal water. Water in all restaurants will cost you money. The most interesting fact is that tap water from anywhere is potable drinking water and you can literally drink it.
The internet speed is very fast. If you use a Wi-Fi, the webpage loads in no time, streaming HD is without any buffering. The only limitation is that Torrent is prohibited. It is a strict no to use torrent. If caught using torrent, the fine is up to 1000 Euros and a possibility of jail term.
If you hold a German visa or any European Nation Visa, you can travel the entire Europe except for UK for the obvious reason. Germany shares border with atleast nine other countries and it is very easy to travel those countries. It shares boundaries with Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Luxemburg and many more other countries which are very nearby.

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