Thursday, 24 November 2016

Get Familiar With German Culture And People..!!

As we have already spoken about the weather of  Germany and it's education system.

Now its time to know about it's people and their culture at a glance.

If you have ever been in Germany for a while, you might make a perception about Germans to be rude and coldly behaved. But eventually your mentality will change.

Actually Germans are quite straight forward. “They say what they mean & they mean what they say”. Unlike we Indians, they don’t ‘speak with actions’ or ‘speak through eyes’. Whatever they want they ask for it.

They generally don’t interfere in others BUSINESS, but when asked for, they may help beyond the way (too much). Hence I recommend you to ask for help whenever in need. You will be surprised by their warm response.

The culture has taught them to be independent. This is the reason why children start earning from an early age to aid themselves financially. Moreover, people deal with their lives by their own. They make their choices about studies, living and Life-Partner. 

Every small-big decisions are taken by them freely, without the threat of ‘society’s reaction’. Inspite of living separately, people frequently visit elderly.

Apart from all this, Germans have another great quality in terms of punctuality. They are highly punctual and always ‘On-Time’, in fact most of the time “Before-Time”. In addition, they always beat the deadlines, let it be of work or any other task. 

Also, they ask for more time, if they feel/want so. This nature of them has made them a bit intolerant when it comes to ‘Time-Factor’. So better be careful about “What you say” not ‘How it is said’ and try to be on-time when travelling to Germany.

Until now, this is a bit about the general nature of Germans and their culture.

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